The Nouveau Nerd leverages a diverse background and non-traditional education to contribute a unique perspective to the industry.

Simone Battiste-Alleyne

My Tech Journey started a bit later in life, but the sum of my life experiences has made me a better developer. I was working in a Technical Recruiting Role and wasn't feeling as challenged as I could be. I started thinking, is this all I can look forward to? I wondered, if I put in the work could I make an enormous change in my life and redirect my career trajectory? I bet on myself and went for it . I've been developing for almost 2 years now and the amount of growth I've experienced in all aspects of my life has been amazing. I've been able to:

  • Live in a new state
  • Teach my first group of new Developers
  • Lead my first Meetup
  • Start working as a consultant
  • Embrace Vim

My day to day involves Ruby on Rails, Nodejs, React, Postgres, MySQL, AWS Lambda, S3 and API Gateway.